What we were thinking: The Enigma Stolen #5 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Sultry, Smart, and Seductive

This chapter is focused in an office in Russia with a powerful leader who doesn’t possess much of a moral compass. Zara born in the Ukraine has expanded from her early work to be a talented technologist even if on the dark side.

Zara has been a delightful character to develop over a couple of the stories. This story provides a way for us to expand her relevance. She is a complex character who you can hate and cheer for all at the same time.

Recently this story was converted to an audiobook format to complement the ebook and paperback formats. Audible are available on Audible US, UK, and iTunes.  Enjoy the whole story.

.Excerpt-The Enigma Stolen

Dmitry’s administrative assistant, Evgeniya, escorted Zara into his office just before the start of the conference call. Zara knew she was an attractive, sultry female, and she moved with powerful yet seductive strides towards Dmitry. Evgeniya was always disgusted with the semi-business, semi-whorish clothing Zara typically wore when she came to his offices. She seated Zara, then reminded Zara that only Dmitry would speak during the conversation. The two of them, Dmitry and Zara, would discuss after the call was completed. With that, Evgeniya turned and practically stomped out.

Once the participants were connected on the conference bridge, Dmitry opened the discussion as he greeted, “Thank you for joining the call, Chairman. How may I be of assistance to my friend from the east? You said it was my turn to do a favor, so how can I help?”

The rich baritone voice chuckled and replied, “Ah, again you demonstrate without fail that you are a scholar and a gentleman. I have need of some anonymizing technology that will allow some data to flow out through a source that will not directly point back to me or my organization. This is a delicate issue, since I am targeting the western economies at the same time my constituents are trying to partner with them. I have but a few harmless pranks to deliver, so I thought it would be prudent to use a different gateway. Since your government doesn’t seem to care one whit what the western governments think about you, it occurred to me that my activities could go through your gateways.”

Dmitry puzzled over the astonished look on Zara’s face, yet he continued, “Ah, Chairman, your needs are so modest but so complex in nature. While it is true we don’t care what the west thinks of us, we don’t want to openly antagonize them. Chairman, I am not inclined to engage my resources for your harmless prank, but I do have a trusted contractor that I can put in touch with you who would be able to provide excellent cloaking technology at an agreeable price.”

Chairman considered the offer for a moment then responded with a dissatisfied tone. “How disappointing that your organization can’t help me. After all my efforts to help get you into your role there as a cyber-czar, you attempt to hand me off to a contractor that I haven’t dealt with before. I did indicate that this was a delicate matter, and I see no valid reason for you to decline my request, my friend. We have a common enemy, and my belief is that we should be working together to educate the arrogant west in the error of their ways. Certainly not for a fee!”

Dmitry soothingly replied, “Perhaps I expressed myself poorly, Chairman. The contractor to whom I refer has my full faith and confidence in this matter of cloaking data transmissions. In fact, if I was playing a harmless prank, they would be running the show for me. You are not being handed off to the ‘second string’ players as you seem to think. With regards to their fee, I will leave that discussion for the two of you to work through.

“Now, I have other pressing matters to attend to. Do you want me to have them contact you or not, old friend?”

Chairman softly clucked his tongue in annoyance and agreed, “Yes, have your contractor contact me through the usual channels we always use by tomorrow morning, your time zone. I will consider this, based on your recommendation. Good day, Dmitry.”

Dmitry smiled slightly and returned, “Good day, Chairman Lo Chang.”

After closing out the conference bridge, Dmitry asked, “Zara, can you share your thoughts with me with regards to this opportunity, after explaining your open mouth and astonished look?”

It took a few seconds for Zara to reel in her mental state, then she replied, “How is it that they say it in the west? It is a small world after all! I did not expect to hear the voice of Mephisto on a conference call, but there it is!