What we were thinking: The Enigma Source – #10 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Tis the season for Naughty or Nice, but wait…

Petra and Quip grew up together and now work together. They have a deep commitment to keeping cyber thugs at bay. However, distractions of life sometimes upset even these two.

Petra is feeling emotionally vulnerable as her love interest, Jacob, is helping a family member. We wanted to portray Petra as a person who is impacted by relationship forces just like most of us.

Quip is brilliant but he too is feeling at odds with his world as his wife is out of the country. His ability to leverage his supercomputer to fight evil injustices, combined with his dry humor is his method of coping.

People have individual ways of dealing with life and these characters are enriched for the reader by their experiences.

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Excerpt-The Enigma Source –

“Dr. Quip, let’s get back into character and get the R-Group refocused. Let’s talk about what we can do, since talking about what we can’t do is ruining my makeup.”

Quip absentmindedly stated, “Yes, um, my makeup is getting ruined too.

“We have two attack vectors in front of us, as I see it. ICABOD and I have been working on one of the ideas we hit on to try and find Chesterfield’s money. We believe that since we can’t find his money, we should coax the money to us. To that end, our new program, Non-linear Aggregation of Unrelated Galactic Heuristics with Temporal Y-axis intercepts, or NAUGHTY, should be able to lure what you and Jacob postulated was a flight to crypto-currencies built on Blockchain technology.”

In a rather deadpan way, Petra asked, “Have you been thinking naughty again?”

Quip brightened and stated, “Catchy, don’t you think? Anyway, with our NAUGHTY program we want to launch a crypto-currency brokerage/clearing house service for all the digital currency that is awash out there. We begin grooming the participants’ list, looking for likely suspects that might lead us to discover where Chesterfield’s money went.”

Petra studied Quip a moment then said, “Are you serious? Launch our own crypto-currency exchange? That is like saying we are setting up Adolf’s Bank and Trust! You don’t just launch a crypto-currency exchange without regulatory permissions, gobs of funding, and a flock of political support that…”

Quip cut her off. “The crypto-currency exchanges that are out there and coming online every other day are currently un-regulated. Our NAUGHTY program spotted that right away, so your first objection is irrelevant. The NAUGHTY program is designed to piece together what shouldn’t be possible and to determine who has the C-Cs, which is the first step to find where they are.”

Petra finally closed her mouth, swallowed and said flatly, “Boy, when EZ is gone, your view of life takes a very narrow focus. I mean really, NAUGHTY?”

ICABOD interjected, “Mistress Petra, Dr. Quip insisted on the naming convention which was over my protests. I unfortunately will have to endure the tarnish that this naming convention brings.”

Seeing no point in arguing further, Petra asked, “You said two attack vectors? Please tell me the other one has less color to it?”

Quip blinked several times to collect his thoughts, then offered, “Well, actually there are three, but we discarded the third one so we could focus on the second one, which is to relaunch the crypto-currency base code we obtained from Su Lin. We take it and add it into the crypto-currency noise that is out there, as you suggested, to become a competitor. This also has the possibility of luring our prey into our clutches to retrieve the missing Chesterfield funds.”

Unable to continue that line of thought, Petra reluctantly asked, “Alright, I have to know. What was the third one?”

Quip grinned and said, “Why, military intervention of course! I always wanted to lead an armored division into battle against incredible odds, much like Alexander the Great! The armored attack vehicles give it more panache, don’t you think?”

Petra thoughtfully commented, “Perhaps we should have let you go with EZ.”