What we were thinking: The Enigma Source – #10 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Dinner and Wine, or More?

Have a nice family dinner is a great way to end the day. It works really well if you living in a nice chateau and have a cook who knows exactly which gourmet delights to create. The perfect start is of course a little wine and conversation.

Petra and Jacob live at the chateau with Wolfgang as well as work together in the family business. Often problems can be readily solved over a glass of wine and nice dinner. This night however the events took a different direction.

We wanted to set the foundation for how people can pull together when needed to help. Your family may or may not live in a chateau, but you do likely pull together to overcome problems. Take a look and see how easily you can relate to the issues. Let us know which character you relate to the most. This book is now available through the usual sources and as a signed copy from our website EnigmaSeries.com 

Excerpt-The Enigma Source –

Jacob nodded agreement with a slight smile then looked concerned as he clasped Petra’s hand and entered the library. Wolfgang was indeed sipping wine and looked up with a half-smile at their arrival.

“I could pour for you, my boy, but it would be far easier on both of you to take care of it, if you don’t mind. I am a bit light-headed, perhaps too much wine with so little to eat.”

Petra moved toward Wolfgang to sit as close as possible and held his hand near her cheek. “Wolfgang,” she asked with some concern, “are you warm enough? Your hands feel like ice cubes.”

Wolfgang nodded and replied, “It’s the seasons changing, my dear. Perhaps Jacob will start a small fire to warm the room.”

Jacob moved to the fireplace and lit the already set fire. Jacob brought the drinks over to them and began his request. “Grandfather, we are having a hard time tracking the funds. We used the programs you suggested ICABOD was familiar with, but we have not had any real hits at this point. Is there a special variable we should be using to increase the effectiveness?”

ICABOD had so many programs in its library and an array of data sources far superior to any other supercomputer. Quip had designed ICABOD, yet it was almost brought down by Wolfgang as he used ICABOD to build some complex search analytics programs which were used to grab huge amounts of data with no throttle on processing power. As a result of this almost disaster, Quip had modified the ability of ICABOD to expand space during complex routines.

Wolfgang half-smiled and slurred slightly as he commented, “That is one really smart system, that ICABOD.

“No special variables are needed, other than to point ICABOD to search destinations that maintain confidentiality, as well as those that are not controlled by governments. I was reading something earlier I meant to set aside for you and thought that perhaps Chesterfield had invested in some Blockchain venture. There are so many of those springing up and then failing. Perhaps Chesterfield invested in this sort of arrangement and lost everything. He would never have kept the cash in a safety deposit box or the like, so I think that avenue would be useless to focus on at this point. And precious metals for that amount would weigh far too much.”

Jacob thought for a few moments and then agreed, “Wolfgang, I think you’re onto something. Petra, can we do some modifications to the search for Blockchain and let ICABOD work while we have supper. I’m suddenly famished.”

Petra nodded and went to access her laptop from the adjacent room.

Jacob extended his arm and said, “Grandfather, let’s proceed to supper. I know that Cook was busy making your favorites. I can smell the cobbler from here, which I know comes after the roast beef, but if you want it first, I won’t tell.”

Wolfgang half smiled, shakily rose and latched onto Jacob’s arm. Then he slowly walked toward the dining room, meeting Petra.

“I added that criteria and will check how it ran after supper.” She reached for Wolfgang’s other arm and leaned into him. “Wolfgang, you are so crafty! I think that will help get us to the next level.”

Wolfgang started to nod his agreement, when he gasped and groaned. His knees buckled, and it took the two of them to help him to a chair.

Jacob tried not to panic as he called out confidently, “Bowen, I think we need to see that physician now. Perhaps you can call emergency services, unless you feel we can take him into town faster.”

Bowen rushed around the corner almost at a run then stopped when he saw Wolfgang crumpled in the chair. Bowen walked close and took Wolfgang’s pulse and stated, “Oh dear! His pulse is irregular.” Bowen caught his breath and tried to remain calm as he added, “Yes, Mr. Jacob, our taking him will be faster.