What we were thinking: The Enigma Source - #10 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Mom always said ‘Don’t ride with strangers!’

The option of getting a ride from a random car service is a good news bad news scenario. We wanted to have some fun with the different options available to the consumer today. Khalid is the next gen of drivers.

Mercedes is distracted from waiting for her sweetheart to contact her and just in from a 8  hours of air travel from Europe. She is trying to be patient and understanding, but you know how it is when one is stressed.

Her background in the intelligence community has not prepared her for this trip to Georgia. Check out the entire bubble or pre-order it now on our website enigmaseries.com. It is expected to be available in paperback and ebook later in the summer of 2018.  

Excerpt-The Enigma Source –

Mercedes strode purposefully away from the baggage carousel with her roller-board bag in tow and her cell phone pressed to her ear waiting for the call to connect. It irritated her to have the call roll to voicemail…again.

She mumbled as she groused, “It’s been three days and no word, dammit! He knows better than to go off on one of his dark ops assignments without checking in first! I don’t care if he is saving the world from the bad guys. I just want to hear his voice!”

She tucked her phone away just as she reached the passenger pickup area. Mercedes scanned the area looking for her ride when her phone chirped with a text message from her ride service that read:

Your HOMBRE ride service is here, Ms. Field. Please look for us on the West side of the terminal, in the gray minivan.

Mercedes rolled her eyes and shot back a text that read:

Listen, HOMBRE, Ms. Field is on the East side of the terminal so get your buns over here pronto!

A few minutes later a late model minivan, covered in layers of gray dirt and dust, screeched to a halt in front of Mercedes, and the driver got out to assist with her bags. The flowing robes of the driver swirled around the end of the minivan, and she fully expected him to be antagonistic toward her. In a faulty broken English he pleaded, “Don’t be anger with me, Madam Sahib! This is only my day 2 on the job as an HOMBRE driver, and the app sent me to the wrong side of the airport! I proud to be in this country and work for HOMBRE as a driver. Please do not give me a poor rating! Five star ratings are critical for advancement. I need to earn enough to buy driver’s license and insurance. Punish me with less tip but your rating, if it is poor, will cost me my job! I beg you!” He then dropped to his knees and held his cupped hands to his chest.

Mercedes was taken aback by the prostration of the HOMBRE driver at the curb and embarrassed by the display. She scanned the immediate area and quietly asked, “You got a name?”

The man lifted his head and wiped an invisible tear from his eye and stated, “My name is Khalid Effendi.”

Not wishing to spend any more time on the incident, Mercedes asked, “Khalid, can we just go now, please? Get me to where I need to go and we’ll see about your rating.”

Khalid brightened up quickly and promptly loaded both Mercedes and her bag with no wasted effort.