What we were thinking: The Enigma Source – #10 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Respect your betters, especially fathers

Petra and Jacob are adults and very much in love. Working for the same organization allows them to work together as they have complimentary skill sets. That said, when the boss calls everything else is put on hold.

The boss, Otto in this case, has a knack for knowing things. It is either his age or simply logical reasoning, but he has a track record of knowing stuff as needed.

It is his discretion however that Jacob and Petra may not be totally aware of. Otto has been cheering their relationship on for a long time. You need to read the story to find out how their relationship is progressing. Now available in kindle and nook formats from your website of choice. Paperback is also out. Find all the particulars on our website enigmaseries.com. We want your reviews and comments.

Excerpt-The Enigma Source –

He might have engineered some more amorous playtime if his cell phone hadn’t rung. He quickly assessed the incoming number and answered, “Yes, sir?” He pictured Otto on the other end, with his white shock of well-groomed hair, a ready smile and a twinkle in his eye as if he knew something you didn’t, which was typically the case.

Otto, one of the main patriarchs of the R-Group, announced when the call was connected, “Ah good, Jacob, I caught you before you began your evening. We have a situation that requires the entire team to get together and talk. While you are not a senior charter member of the R-Group, both Wolfgang and I value your input. Can you possibly help me locate Petra, so she can attend? As late as it is getting, I would like all of us to meet at Wolfgang’s chateau. He has agreed to host a modest dinner while we consider this next series of issues.”

Jacob offered, “Yes, of course, Otto. I’m fairly sure I can find the charming, alluring, but evasive Petra and convince her to attend,” he said, smiling while trying to fish around under her silk robe. “Can you provide some framework of the nature of the discussion, sir?”

Otto smiled as he said, “I’m glad to see you haven’t lost all your American upbringing with its heavy tendency for impatience. We will discuss it when all are gathered. See you both soon, Jacob.”

After disconnecting from the call, Petra, smiling impishly, commented, “You didn’t explain why he couldn’t find me. I just love your discretion when speaking with my father. He knows we’re over here buck naked, but he is too much the European gentleman to tell us to immediately put on some clothes and come to an important meeting.”

Jacob chuckled. “While you are correct that your father is the quintessential gentleman, you are living proof that he is not the prude you cast him as. For that detail, I’m most grateful.”

Petra smiled at Jacob and offered, “I guess I’d better shower and get ready to go. Care to join me so we can conserve water, my dear?”