What we were thinking: The Enigma Rising #2 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Women can always find a friend if they want

Petra has spent little time socializing in a non-business setting. Simone is much more the social animal and tends to strike up conversations far more easily. These ladies are from very different countries and backgrounds, yet sometimes people just click.

We wanted to explore the openness of Simone since she met Carlos and the tentative casual social skills Petra lacks. A pool scene with just the two of them seemed like a great beginning. Luckily the ladies did hit it off.

Check out the whole bubble and the book to see if they can actually be friends. This story is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on our website or your favorite locations. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Our voice actor Derek Shoales really made Juan and Carlos our favorite bad boys!

Excerpt-The Enigma Rising

Simone seemed ready to share her inner most feelings and gave her trust up front. Petra was more guarded and did not easily share, holding her trust more as collateral. She returned with her drink and settled back under the umbrella.

“So what does this prince of yours do, Simone? Is he a foreign diplomat? Is he a real estate broker? A handsome airline pilot? Or is he from a wealthy family that is part owner of this wonderful retreat? Inquiring minds want to know.”

Simone, excited to brag on Carlos, said, “Oh no, he is his own man! He’s worked his way up in the finance world and is now at the top of his game. You should see how hard he works! Many times we have had to cancel or postpone our time together, but he always calls me to say how much he loves me and he always makes it up to me.

“We have wonderful weekends together and he usually brings a gift. Not very much and hardly ever expensive, but that’s what is so thrilling for me. The fact that he stopped whatever he was doing long enough to get a small gift to bring back to me. Well, this time he called me and said meet him here.

“When I got here, everyone called me Miss Simone this or Miss Simone that. It is terribly exciting for me to be catered to by people at the directions left by my man. Carlos is a very special man and he is my male. I adore him.”

The two ladies smiled at each other and with the clear lines of battle now behind them, they could now be friends.

“Simone, I think we should become friends. I like your enthusiasm. It sounds like you have a wonderful life. Happy anniversary, by the way. My mother always said to remember the important times and mark them.”

“Petra, I would like a friend. Thank you. Tell me about yourself.”

Petra and Simone sipped their drinks and exchanged information. They had fun laughing at stories and getting to know the parts each of them was willing to reveal. Petra found it quite nice to have a female friend to chat with and grew more comfortable as the afternoon wore on. Simone was delighted at finding a friend as well and shared many things with Petra, though nothing about Spencer. Petra told her some about her home in Europe and a little about her work. Simone talked about her desires and of course Carlos. Several hours had elapsed when Jacob waved that he was returning his water toy to the vendor.

“Well, it looks as if Jacob is finished with the toys for a while. It has been great visiting. Perhaps we can get together tomorrow morning as well?” Petra suggested as she was putting her stuff back into her beach bag.

“Carlos should be here tonight so how about the four of us get together for dinner, Petra? I bet you’d like to show off your male, and I know I want to show off mine. Say around seven here at the hotel? The food is pretty good, and they make great margaritas. If it doesn’t work, call the desk and leave a message for Carlos and Simone in room one fourteen.”

“I think that is a great idea. I am sure Jacob would enjoy meeting you and your Carlos. I will call if we cannot make it. We are in room six forty. Thanks for the afternoon.”