What we were thinking: The Enigma Dragon-A CATS Tale #9 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

A solution can employ different approaches

We wanted to match up very different characters in this story to allow us to expand upon their capabilities and test their interactions.

Mercedes and Brayson are both solid professionals reportedly on the same team. As you will discover here they approach problems with different experience and as such the results may not be as expected. Mercedes tries very hard to color inside the lines; for Brayson there simply are no lines when coloring.

We’ve met people that don’t always work together well and yet provide some awesome results. They also often learn from one another whether they realize it or not.

See what you think of this interaction and explore the entire book in paperback or ebook formats today. (by the way, do you always color inside the lines?)

Excerpt-The Enigma Dragon – A CATS Tale

“Oh my god! Ma’am, forgive me! A thousand pardons and endless apologies! I thought you were someone else! I…I…don’t know how I can make amends for my unforgiveable transgression, Miss…”

Now that the initial shock had worn off and the handsome but unknown gentleman was desperately trying to back-peddle his way out of the embarrassing situation, Laurie, somewhat amused, asked, “Whoever she is, make sure you maintain the same level of enthusiasm for a proper greeting! My name is Laurie…ah, that’s all you need to know. I’ll accept your apology, since I am a little late for my departure gate.” She added with a chuckle, “I would recommend that you spend a little more time properly identifying your intended target before you launch your next greeting.”

Brayson sheepishly nodded and offered, “Again, madam, please accept my apologies. I must confess though, I’m not sorry to have had the pleasure of kissing you. Perhaps you will permit me to call on you again when you return to work to confirm my honorable intentions? You are working where?”

About that time Mercedes strolled up and put her arms around Brayson’s waist and cooed “There you are, you naughty, naughty boy! Come before this tolerant lady suspects you of being a stalker. Besides we have a plane to catch!”

Laurie chuckled as Mercedes hustled Brayson toward their gate and the waiting aircraft. As soon they were out of earshot, Mercedes growled, “Sooo, was she neat too?”

Brayson smirked and acquiesced, “You were right. Her name is Laurie, and the quick cell phone photo that I got of her was confirmed by Julie as the target individual.”

Mercedes, now somewhat annoyed, responded, “We could have just taken her picture and verified it with Julie WITHOUT having to taste her lipstick. I did the same thing with Julie except that you beat me to it.”

Brayson grinned and said, “Well, here is something you could learn from me on verifying your suspicions. Although I doubt you could have comfortably swooped in and given her a hug and smooch with the same cavalier approach that I did.”

Mercedes, still irked, snarled, “You’re just lucky she didn’t just haul off and clock you a good one. I know I would have.”  Brayson smiled and agreed, “If she had, I would have fallen back to plan B and run through the same scenario with a hurt, surprised look with my hand covering my cheek where she had slapped me.”

Mercedes studied him and then added, “When I say clocked, smarty pants, I don’t mean slapped. I mean you having to get up off the ground.”

Brayson, tiring of the banter, easily redirected the focus and admitted, “You were right, she is a person of interest. We need to tag along and confirm her destination. Julie indicated she is headed to ePETRO soon. If we do lose track of Laurie, Julie will be able to pick up the thread from there, while we work the data center angle.

“An idle question for you. Are you done being mad at me for the impromptu action just because it isn’t your style?”

Mercedes looked at him pointedly and admonished, “Let me answer your question with a question of my own. Are you finished being an irrational, undisciplined, and unpredictably dangerous when working with a partner?”