What we were thinking: The Enigma Dragon-A CATS Tale #9 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Two Bads Only Receive an Unexpected Backlash

Marge and Mike are trying to recoup losses in ways that go against several countries’ trade laws. Their creative minds tend to run toward the profitability of operating on the Dark Net.

Marge is head of a company ePetro which had been successful and double digit profits due to outside of the legal lines of trade. Her devious ways seem to multiple as this story unfolds.

Mike, a former Texas oil wildcatter, is undermining anyone for more profits and way too much into his pockets to claim the head spot in the company, but he tries.

This book looks at how to try to operate in the 21st century without being on the grid. That may be easier said that successfully done.  Check out this book in eBook, Paperback and in Audio format in the summer of 2019. We’d love to hear from you at Authors@EnigmaSeries.com

Excerpt-The Enigma Dragon – A CATS Tale

“On the other side, we’ve got some fresh lunatic clients in the form of Muslim terrorists, who need someone to sell their stolen oil for them so they can continue to run amok. There is something about stealing someone else’s work and selling it to underwrite their psychotic terrorist activities that gets a person all goose-bumpily. However, if we can blend the low-cost oil from the Muslims with the over-priced oil we got stuck with when the oil market took a dump on our business, we might be able to sell it to the Koreans and actually dig ourselves out of our financial hole.

“Of course, we have to get it into their dark country without anyone noticing the source of said crude. Oh, by the way, we need a way to help them figure out how to upgrade their crumbling infrastructure so that they can burn the damn stuff to make electricity! And you’re telling me, the only thing that the fat boy regime wants to know is how he can get more uranium or plutonium so he can barter for food?  I’m probably going to have to work through lunch and maybe happy hour to get all of this under control!”

Now it was Marge’s turn to be sarcastic. “Oh, my goodness! We ARE the overworked, melodramatic, and under-appreciated snookum, aren’t we?

“This is how we will divide and conquer, whiney boy. I’ll work on the enriched uranium sourcing. You will find a way to convert the Korean won to something more useful than toilet paper so we can continue to buy. Do you understand your role?”

Mike studied her a moment and then asked, “Who said we have to convert it? Why can’t we just use it to pay the Muslims? Money is only useful in making purchases anyway, so what if we use it to pay Kashan?”

Marge thought about the possibility for a moment and questioned, “What good would that do? Kashan would have the same problem that we have with their bird-cage bottom liner paper.”

Mike smirked and offered, “Yes, of course. But it would be his problem, not ours.”

Marge then wondered, “You think you can get him to go for it? I mean, without any more discounting, because of the nearly non-negotiable status of the won?”

Mike retorted, “The Koreans have a sizeable manufacturing industry, and their currency would easily be accepted for purchase of weapons that would not show up on the world stage. We would solve four problems at once leveraging the won as the currency of choice.”

Marge puzzled a moment and then asked, “Uh, four problems? I only count three; being paid in won; using the won to pay for the unsanctioned oil; and then Kashan using the won to buy arms made in Korea.”

Mike ignored her commentary as he grinned and declared, “I won’t have to work through happy hour to make all this work.”  Marge sported a rather sour face as she replied, “How economical of you. Make your call to Kashan and let me know if he’ll go for it.”