Sneak Peek

Our intention with this section is for readers to see what we are crafting for our next book publication. What follows is the book pitch for our techno-thriller:



The book pitch for the The Enigma Chronicles – Who Won the A.I. Wars?

Technology dominance is no longer an event on the dark net with cyber good guys overcoming cyber thugs, but rather humanity outsmarting artificial intelligence beings. Leaders of the dedicated R-Group, along with ICABOD, risk digital oblivion from the A.I. domination and mankind’s destruction at the hands of our own genetically enhanced combatants. The mistake, and man’s fatal flaw in the A.I. Wars, was believing that A.I. enhanced beings were incapable of innovative thinking or human emotions. Looking back, we were wrong on both counts. Once this genie has had a taste of life it’s impossible to return it to the bottle. Select your weapon of choice in The Enigma Chronicles –Who Won the A.I. Wars

In 2016- Microsoft conducted an experiment to teach an AI bot from all available cloud data. The project was scrapped after 48 hrs due to the learning results being racist, biased, and hopelessly wrong.

In 2017- Saudi Arabia bestowed citizenship on a Robot, Sophia, who resembles Audrey Hepburn and spoke with distain on human emotion.

These began the formation of battle lines between AI lifeforms and humans.

How many big mistakes will occur as we race down this unfettered technology path?

Our heroes, leaders of the R-Group, along with ICABOD, find themselves at the precipice of digital oblivion from A.I. domination even as we battle with our own genetically enhanced combatants.

They will uncover why technology dominance is no longer limited to an event on the dark net, but the desperate struggle of humanity versus artificial intelligence for survivability.

Man’s fatal flaw in the A.I. Wars, was believing that these artificial intelligent life forms are incapable of innovative thinking or human emotions. Perhaps the R-Group is wrong on both counts.

Note to the reader: Hope you liked the newest book pitch. The story is being worked and will be available soon and be added to the website.