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Breakfield and Burkey are first place winners of the prestigious 2019 Texas Authors award for their 10th book The Enigma Source in the Techno Thriller category!


Texas Authors Short Story contest winners for 2 stories in 2018!
Story winners: The Jewel and Osceola


WFAA Channel 8 Interview with Breakfield & Burkey
May 10th, 2018


WFAA Channel 8 Interview with Breakfield & Burkey
August 1st, 2017:


Texas Association of Authors

2017 Award – Press Release


 Audible buzz for The Enigma Ignite from The Audio Flow:


Fiction/Techno Thriller – Short Story 1st Place
Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey

The Enigma Chronicles – Remember the Future

Short Story Press Release


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Bios for Roxanne Burkey and Charles Breakfield
Two Line, Short, Medium and Long Bios



Author Contact Info
Contact Information Sheet Breakfield and Burkey



Speaker Introduction
Roxanne Burkey & Charles Breakfield



6 Fun Facts About the Authors
Roxanne Burkey & Charles Breakfield



Enigma Book Series Reviews

Book Review All titles in the series



5th Annual Contest is Largest Collection of Texas Authors –
WINNER: Techno Thriller – Enigma Book Series



Breakfield & Burkey Announce Latest Thriller in Award-Winning Series:
The Enigma Source

Dallas authors mixing technology and suspense with publication of tenth book



Press Releases for The Enigma Series

Dallas Authors Taking Readers on a Thrill Ride with The Enigma Series PDF



Press Releases for each book in The Enigma Series



The Enigma Factor PDF

The Enigma Rising PDF

The Enigma Ignite PDF

The Enigma Wraith PDF

The Enigma Stolen PDF

The Enigma Always PDF

The Enigma Gamers PDF

The Enigma Broker PDF

The Enigma Dragon PDF

The Enigma Source PDF