Book Five: The Enigma Stolen

Breakfield and Burkey once again deliver the goods, as returning readers will expect—intelligent technology-laden dialogue; a kidnapping or two; and a bit of action…the romance between Julie and husband Juan is unparalleled.

-Kirkus Review

The Enigma Stolen, just like the other installments in this series, could
make for a highly appealing motion picture…Although a work of fiction, the authors have the knack of making readers feel like part of the plot. They write with an arresting sense of realism. This is another great book in a highly compelling series. A must read! (4 Stars)

– Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite


Even better news!  The audible done by Derek Shoales for The Enigma Stolen has been tagged as a finalist in the RONE awards.  Final judging to be done in October of 2019 so stay tuned…

Woo-Hoo!  Thanks for your voting support! We are now a RONE Award finalist for our audible! See above designation.  A very special thanks to Derek Shoales for his masterful character acting in this audible. The Crown Heart shown below got us into the competition.  

 InD’tale magazine gives The Enigma Stolen audible their Crown Heart award and 5 stars!  – 

 …the character development and plot lines are stronger. Listeners will be even more invested in what is to become of this truly loveable collection of characters that make up the R-Group…“The Enigma Stolen” is a smart, fast-paced, adventure…Mr. Shoales’ performance is once again strong and energetic with a number of great vocal intonations to keep the characters diverse and believable… He has a true talent for voice acting that really makes the audiobook come to life. (Full InD’tale review)

Chelsea Anderson – Reviewer



Audible now available on Amazon! The Enigma Stolen narrated by Derek Shoales





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Listen to the Audible teaser for The Enigma Stolen narrated by Derek Shoales below:


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Human behavior appears erratic and unpredictable only because humans are too close to the action. To the cold, impartial circuits of a modern supercomputer, human behavior is simply a complex set of algorithms to be compiled, analyzed, and predicted.

Control the flow of human behavior, and you control the future. Cut a nervous investor off in traffic, and you initiate a stock market crash. Engineer a love affair, and you destabilize a nation. All you need is unlimited computing power—and the ethical nihilism to manipulate lives.

The R-Group, a high-level information gathering and security team, believes at least one group—possibly several—are using data analysis to customize the future in their image.

Powerful and mysterious, these groups are very good at what they do—possibly as good as the R-Group themselves. And even as Petra, Jacob, Quip, and the rest of R-Group battle to identify their foes, a hidden threat lurks within the team itself.

Unless the R-Group can neutralize the threat, humanity’s future will be determined by a select few, feeding an ever-growing stream of information into increasingly sophisticated computer systems. Which begs the question: who controls whom?


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