book-2Book Two: The Enigma Rising

…Latest techno-thriller, a group combats evil in the digital world, with multiple assignments merging in Acapulco and the Cayman Islands …the story boasts strong characters…the story will hold readers’ attention until its unsettling conclusion.

–Kirkus Review

…I found myself immersed from the very beginning, with the introduction of Thiago and his loss over what to do with his missing daughter, Lara, the beautiful descriptions, and the expert storytelling.  The book handles themes that contemporary readers will enjoy enormously…I  enjoyed the way technology is presented in this work, but it’s the investigation that will leave most  readers breathless….

– Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite




The U.S. version of Rising Audible available now!

The U.K version of The Enigma Rising Audible is available now!

Narrated by Derek Shoales.

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The R-Group is, without question, the most powerful information brokerage firm on the planet. Their ability to gather, analyze, and use information outstrips most nations. The major powers of the world turn to these technologists with sensitive information contracts.

Carlos and Juan are entrepreneurs with their own information-gathering “company.” They’ve figured out how to pirate satellite communications, an invaluable skill for their main business: relocating wanted drug lords to locations well out of the reach of the authorities.

A series of unrelated chance events will bring the brothers and the R-Group together. Whether or not the two very different organizations can effectively interoperate with each other is, at best, debatable.

A sequel to The Enigma Factor, The Enigma Rising continues Breakfield and Burkey’s tales of high-stakes information brokering, while remaining an enjoyable yarn of lost and found, loving and growing, and counterbalancing the greedy for newcomers to the Enigma Series.


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