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What we were thinking: The Enigma Wraith #4 of the Enigma Book Series-

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Author Insight –

Controlling or Acquiescing

These two characters hide behind their Avatar names as they play a game of cat and mouse. In the game, the outcome is only certain if the players have been properly identified to each other.  In this case one of them has the upper hand.

The control at this point in time for Mephisto is based upon having the freshness factor of information at his fingertips.

Callisto is not confident and thus is easily manipulated. However being placed at a disadvantage tends to bring out the strongest emotions in people. Will Callisto be able to rise to the challenges she will face to win? This is the question we’d like you to consider with this story and then let us know.

Excerpt-The Enigma Wraith

“Mephisto, I was not expecting your call. I understood I had more proof points to complete before our next discussion. How may I help my benefactor?”

Mephisto placated, “Ah, my Callisto. You should understand that when I call I want more, if not better. This call is about needing better from someone of your skill level.”

Callisto swallowed hard, then allowed, “Mephisto, I have delivered everything you tasked me to do and on time. Where is the problem?”

Mephisto smiled as he explained, “I gave you latitude to enjoy the assignment, but I see far too little imagination in your efforts. More importantly, I see a lacking in your approaches to our attack vectors. Can you tell me when you plan to do something inspired?

“I was led to believe you had imagination. All I see is someone focused on the payment. We had talked about you becoming something of a junior partner for a percentage, but I’m not seeing any compelling arguments toward that end with your actions. How immensely disappointing!”

Callisto bristled while she calmly justified, “I seduced. I danced. And I vanished.

“I persuaded the target vectors per our agreement and introduced your payload as instructed. May I know specifically why you are dissatisfied?”

Mephisto confidently stated, “Because you were caught on film and by someone who knows what an assassin now looks like. You are now no longer an asset but drifting towards being a liability. I was led to believe you were more competent than this. Can you defend your actions? I really need better than what you are delivering if you are going to persuade me to buy rather than rent your considerable properties. I expected to see something far more inventive that this marginal work! I am not a benefactor that needs below average students.”

Callisto sensed her trial spiraling out of control, with the judge and jury as one in the same. She explained, “Perhaps your attack on my efforts is about getting full valued information for no cost.

“I can appreciate that, my Mephisto. I am, however, not willing to bend over and take what is delivered…

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