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What we were thinking: The Enigma Wraith #4 of the Enigma Book Series-

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Author Insight –

Binary Adaptive Interjected Holistically Unconquerable (BAI HU)

We have fun creating terms of our own. Acronyms are a way of life in most industries, especially technology. A list of others is on the website under concepts and terms. We made this a trademark of our series based on a bogus technical white paper we gave our manager many years ago.

In this section two people are competing for acknowledgement and acceptance of their ideas. Prudence has no reservation about stepping over her slaughtered enemies  to gain attention. The leader, Chairman Chang, happens to have a white tiger so she is trying to flatter them both.

We have known some very competitive people who are not always the best choice, but seems to make the most noise. Let us know if this reminds you of anyone you work with. Enjoy the fun as these two work to earn the top spot.

Excerpt-The Enigma Wraith

““Chairman, we have so named this in honor of the Chinese Bai Hu or White Tiger. I would be most pleased if this was for your white tiger, Nikkei.

“Our work on the BAI HU project has yielded some very positive results, Chairman. The first proof of concepts showed that our mutating code, genetically engineered for infiltrating host systems, can then assemble itself and grow dynamically to complete the embedded tasks.

“Our original prototype code is now greatly enhanced to penetrate every defense system we have introduced it into. The BAI HU project has been greatly accelerated with the access to the super computer that you arranged. The first generation of our code, as you will remember, was simply encrypted with self-destructing algorithms to be launched if it was detected.

“This new generation of code is self-generating, opportunistically adaptive, and self-propagating, which is very much more to our purposes. We can program in the ultimate assignment, the time parameters, mile-stones, and exit protocol and simply launch it. It builds with internally generated material and grows at a rate suitable to meet the time deadlines.”

Chairman enthusiastically asked, “And what of the forensics team efforts after the fact? Can the digital fingerprints be re-assembled to understand how it is put together or where it came from? Most importantly, can it be traced back to us?”

Prudence smiled a Cheshire cat smile as she responded, “We have seen to it that the dispatched code suffers from digital decomposition the same as its biological counterparts. Basically nothing is left to analyze since part of its genetic makeup is to remove all traces of itself from the point of its inception to the last digital breath that it takes. It comes from nowhere and leaves without a trace. Genetic engineered code designed to vanish when complete.”

Chairman was thoughtful for a few minutes, then asked, “And what of the BAI HU project while it is operating on its mission? How does it defend itself while it is operating on assignment and thus essentially vulnerable?”

Prudence confidently replied, “We have given it a couple of defense mechanisms which includes functioning at the operating system level, much like a standard rootkit in encrypted mode. It is though greatly enhanced by the IQ 5678 super computer. You would have to know when and where the vanishing code had been introduced and have an equally powerful Chinese super computer to be able to try and break the encryption algorithm.

“To vet our encryption algorithm, after we built it, we fed it into the IQ 5678 super computer to see how long it would take. Because of its genetic design and adaptability, the Chinese super computer had no small amount of difficulty in breaking it. Basically, the IQ 5678 consumed all its computer resources, which was undoubtedly what Professor Lin was referring to with regards to consuming all his resources.

“We had to terminate the program request to break the encryption algorithm and requested an estimated projection of processing time to do the job. The IQ system indicated that it would take two to the twenty fourth power in centuries to break the code. I am quite confident that we should be done with our program objective by then.”

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