What we were thinking: The Enigma Source - #10 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Just when you think things are good…

Petra and Jacob are getting closer, having worked through their problems. They are in a good place and believe that together they can conquer the world. They are great at working and playing together.

Andy is one of the subcontractors used by the R-Group for telecommunications jobs. Normally Andy would contact Quip for work issues, so the call takes Jacob a bit by surprise.

The exchange that Jacob ends up having with Su Lin sets the stage for a whole different way of solving an international issue that has several lives at stake. The tension rises from this point on in the story as the attackers remain elusive.

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Excerpt-The Enigma Source –

Petra was just putting on her final touches of makeup, as Jacob watched with his hands in his pockets, lest they mess her up. His cell phone received an incoming call from a familiar number in Georgia. Jacob puzzled a moment, as if deciding whether to allow the call to roll to voicemail. At the last moment he accepted the call and greeted, “Andy, it’s been a while and I’d like to chat, but we’re expected at a meeting momentarily. May I…”

The female voice cut him off. “Jacob, this is Su Lin on Andy’s phone.” She desperately added without taking a breath and her words running together, “We’ve had a little trouble. I wasn’t sure who else to call, since I don’t want EZ rushing here. I started with Carlos, and when I told him about the situation he told me to use Andy’s phone and call you directly. He felt strongly that you should be briefed, so your extended family might be looped in. Carlos is still in Brazil working in Andy’s satellite office. He indicated that he was too remote and with none of the connections you have access to, so I’m calling…”

Jacob was becoming alarmed, as well as confused. “Whoa-whoa, slow down, Su Lin! What is going on? You sound frantic. I can’t remember ever hearing this tone in your voice! What happened and why are you calling from Andy’s phone? Where’s Andy?”

Su Lin swallowed quickly and tried to calm her breathing down before she continued, “We are at the hospital! We had, um…some intruders break in, and Andy…poor sweet, Andy is…