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What we were thinking: The Enigma Rising #2 of the Enigma Book Series-

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Author Insight –

One step ahead is the key

The R-Group’s lead, Otto, enjoys providing services and staying one step ahead. His business expertise is always carefully hedged on keeping information avenues open even with those who are sometimes enemies.

Chang has two orphans, Won and Ton that he has been training to take on additional responsibility. They are usually in a watch and learn mode but don’t always seem to grasp the subtleties. They have a delightful capacity to be threatening henchmen one minute then just little boys the next. Throughout the series they provide tense drama as well as comic relief.

This illustrates the ability of those in the R-Group to know what is going on and provide a service even as it later might become self-serving. Some enemies need to be held closer than others. You never know in business, do you?

Excerpt-The Enigma Rising

Otto enjoyed the cat and mouse game, but this was potential business and he was interested.

“Chairman, why didn’t you say so in the first place? Of course I have contacts that I can introduce to you. I trust that it would not be you but instead Won and Ton, which is why you have them in the room listening. Very well, let’s discuss the fee for this type of information as well as the associated meeting rules.”

“Well, since this is only information and none of your regular services, I should think that a reduced fee would be in order. What are your thoughts, Otto?”

Otto replied, “It has always been difficult to challenge your logic but consider the fact that all information has a freshness factor associated with it. So the fresher the information the more current and thus more value it is. My dear Chairman, it does take work to deliver fresh information and current contacts. That, by definition, means services. Wouldn’t you agree?”

The Chairman quietly clucked his tongue and slightly ground his teeth before he responded. Won and Ton were watching his every nuance.

“Well Otto, again your logic is difficult to refute. The standard fee shall apply then. The fee transfer will be completed in two business days. When can we expect our highly valued banking information then?”

Otto enjoyed the conversation that played so well into the mainstay of the business.

“You should expect it to arrive through our normal courier service by the end of the week. Agreed?”

“Agreed. May your days be long and vital, Otto.”

“And to you as well, Chairman.”

Then as a last delight of the conversation, Otto added, “Oh and Chairman. It was your speaker phone that gave Won and Ton away. The audio pickup was too good, and they were breathing within the same room. My ears are quite keen. Good day, sir.”

After the Chairman disconnected from the call, he lowered his gaze on Won and Ton and then said, “You may both be martial arts masters but as Ninja stealth warriors you are like two hippos in a Wind Chime factory! Gentlemen, can you try and develop those skills?”

Both Won and Ton were embarrassed but solemnly nodded. They bowed deeply as they left.

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