What we were thinking: The Enigma Rising #2 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

From the jaws of defeat, victory…It could happen

Carlos and Juan have a cobbled together an operation made up of some rough characters that need to stay out of sight, for their good and yours. The business they have been in is simply not working so a collaborative discussion finds perhaps a new avenue.

These bad boys are willing to take risks to achieve their goals, but perhaps their out-of-the-box thinking will open up new avenues. It also could be a whole new way to get themselves killed. They are not completely legit but certainly not all bad.  What’s not to like about them? 

As misfits, the sidekicks of Carlos and Juan are really a piece of work. They often have a hard time getting out of their own way, but once in a while come up with real gem ideas. The secondary characters in The Enigma Rising add color and spontaneity. Try it in ebook, paperback, and also audio.

Our voice actor Derek Shoales really made Juan and Carlos our favorite bad boys!

Excerpt-The Enigma Rising

Finally after the laughter settled down, Carlos said, “We need to look at a different line of work. The drug business is already saturated with plenty of people who are entrenched, and the weapons running action requires larger aircraft. What we need is a high value transport business where we can make our margins and dominate a market that others aren’t doing.”

Robert perked up and suggested, “What about moving currency, precious metals, and precious stones? These are high value/low cargo weight endeavors that not many are doing.

“Even the drug dealers are forever looking for ways to launder their money to get it legitimate. Why couldn’t we be the go-to-group for moving money? I mean, you can’t legitimately cross the border between countries with more than ten thousand U.S. dollars, and most drug cartels make that each day before they have their cornflakes. Once an illegal operation generates good cash flow, the next real problem is how to sanitize the money. Without this, they can’t become mainstream.

“The first step in that activity is moving illegally earned currency to areas where it can be laundered. The good part of this is if their business is good, we’d be kept busy moving money for them.”

Carlos looked the group over and considered the proposal.

“Not bad, gringo. Hadn’t considered you as a gringo with a brain. It does have possibilities. I might even know where to start with this new business model. Let’s get the plane out of site and let me think about this and discuss it with Juan.” Carlos grinned and looked to Juan.