What we were thinking: The Enigma Rising #2 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

In it for the long term

Two of our favorite characters, Petra and Jacob were raised in a very non-traditional manner, education and training way before socialization. For them relationships have been digital rather than human except for family support and love.

We wanted to work with these types of characters to work through how they develop their social skills later in life. The Enigma Rising tracks their blossoming into what partner relationship means even as they are thrown back into cyber dangers.

These characters are a fun to work with and you will enjoy seeing them evolve and grow. Let us know. We thought so much of them that we asked Petra and Jacob what they thought of the series. Check out their conversation on our website.

Excerpt-The Enigma Rising

They were both brilliant information technology specialists, with skills that highly complimented each other. Each was passionate about knowledge overall, but had limited experience in the ways of love.

This trip was to help them understand how relationships evolved and even blossomed into forever love. But they lacked the experience of knowing what they gained or lost from opening themselves up to one another. In their own way, each was enamored with the other. Physically they were definitely well matched. Jacob was tall, with dark wavy hair, athletic, and deep blue eyes, while Petra was rather petite, long blonde hair, well-toned, and brown eyes with flecks of gold. They complemented each other in all ways.

Petra discussed her fear that Jacob wouldn’t trust her as she’d kept his background identity hidden when she’d first discovered she was attracted to him. Jacob reassured her that was in the past and they were moving forward. Jacob indicated his reluctance to commit to a relationship until he felt settled in his work. He was also concerned that she’d lived a far more affluent lifestyle than he felt comfortable with. Finding out he was actually a descendent of one of the founding members of the R-Group, as Petra was, disconcerted him to a degree. But he’d found family that he’d thought did not exist.

He believed in the overall charter of the R-Group, but wondered if he would be as valuable as Petra and Quip had both demonstrated. Quip had demonstrated his capabilities with his insightful methods of adopting technology to snoop in networks all over the world and garner selected information. Petra was an encryption expert at the absolute top of the field. Jacob himself was a technology tester, programmer, and information flow specialist. He also knew that if Otto, Ferdek, or Wolfgang passed away, the burdens of the R-Group would pass to Petra, Quip, or himself in turn. The agreement among the team to shelve the SECcoin had demonstrated how much power the R-Group held. This troubled him from a vast responsibility perspective.

Their discussion had cleared the air to a degree as they’d eaten, sipped wine, laughed, and kissed now and again during the flight. Both Petra and Jacob wanted to see if they would grow closer on this trip. As busy as the business was, taking this time away together placed some work at possible risk. Each had focused their lives to this point on their work. They were committed to trying to explore the possibilities of a personal life together.