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What we were thinking: The Enigma Rising #2 of the Enigma Book Series-

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Author Insight –

The devil & the high cost is always in the detail

It takes some really special research to gain some insights to identity theft and reusing it for someone new. Technology offers some new ways to generate all sorts of documents that may pass the tests of various countries and financial institutions.

However, like most things you get what you pay or trade for. In this case we have bad guys from two different organizations that are trying to negotiate the best deals. As we stated in one of our chapter titles “Ride it like you stole it…haggle like a street vendor”.

Don’t your business negotiations focus on the best deal for their side of the table?

Excerpt-The Enigma Rising

“All our proprietary technology is in our highly secure data center, and the printers to turn out the work are in several business locations for final printing, security verification, and delivery. We transport everything via encrypted files, but the final finished package is delivered via an analog information mule that cannot be traced over the wire. We find while this approach is more secure, it does take a little more time. I trust you approve of our methodology?”

Carlos nodded his approval, then commented, “Yes, quite. Here is the package that I need built for my friend Phillip Johnston and here is your fifteen thousand U.S. dollars in down payment.”

“Thank you, Mr. Carlos, for your business. We will meet you here in seven days with your product and collect the balance of payment.”

Carlos grinned at the fulfillment of his private joke, then confirmed, “Agreed.”

As Carlos stood to depart, then Ton presented, “By the way, we have a new service that has just come on line for people needing to export their personal financial resources in such a way as to not alert government regulators. Would you or your friend also need these services?”

Carlos sat back down as the comment had excited his interest. He then qualified, “So you are an interesting group of merchants. Is this a complementary service to the Identity Laundering or is there a fee as well?”

Won and Ton both suppressed their smiles, as Ton explained, “Importing and exporting personal financial resources is a service we offer, but it is done on a percentage basis starting at eight percent for anything up to one million U.S. dollars. We offer reduced rates as low as five percent fee for over ten million U.S. dollars. Additionally, we provide very competitive rates of return for standard market risk but do offer more aggressive rates of return depending on your appetite for investment risk. All of our offerings are cloaked under very strict bank secrecy laws by a sovereign nation who understands the needs for privacy.”

Carlos nodded thoughtfully and said, “You have given me much to consider, gentlemen. So may I ask, how is the move of personal financial resources conducted? Is it the physical movement of hard currency, diamonds, artwork, and precious metals or is it only electronic transfer of funds? And how many electronic transfer points do you use to disguise the point of origin?”

Won and Ton looked at each other, then Ton said, “Your questions indicate you may have some very special needs. Allow us to confer with our operations director to see how we can best serve your needs. For the most part, we are only set up to electronically move wealth.”

Carlos smiled then submitted, “Gentlemen, it is true that I have special needs, but I also offer some, shall we say, unique services to my customers. In this cottage industry of mine, I move financial assets that are not in a liquid state to be electronically transferred. The services my organization offers might be a nice augmentation to your portfolio, and more importantly we could be in a position to have your company augment my service offerings. I see potential synergies between our organizations from which we could both profit.

“So yes, socialize my proposal with your operations manager and perhaps we can talk further at our next meeting. Good day, gentlemen.”

Carlos rose and started to turn to leave. Won and Ton rose as one and both bowed.

Won said “Good day, sir.”

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