What we were thinking: The Enigma Ignite #3 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

When Old Meets New Expect Enhanced Power

Andrew is a seasoned telecommunications guru, one of the original works from home professionals. His home is in Georgia. Over time he remodeled a couple of the rooms into a data center.

Carlos is talented satellite communications expert who needed a new start in life. Andrew aka Andy has given it to Carlos. The data center has all the latest capabilities and connectivity nestled in the “rock-n-roll domain”.

Together they can exchange information and expand their skills with each offering and each receiving. Andy is no fool, and Carlos is respectful of this “tough as nails” professional.  See what you think of these two in this story. Mutual respect grows throughout the story. Available in Audiobook, ebook, and paperback.

Excerpt-The Enigma Ignite

Andrew was the most seasoned, having essentially grown up in the communications field, with close to forty years of experience. He had developed his main operations center as a part of his family farm home in Georgia. It was impressive by any standard as a data and communications center. His unified communications specialist was a nice, though spunky, lady named Eilla-Zan who had an amazing way of working with their clients who were evolving their telecommunications. She was also quite the beauty with her heart shaped face, sea green eyes and long wavy red hair.

Carlos mused that they might somehow be related as Andrew clearly doted on her. However, Carlos was never one to pry, nor did he appreciate someone prying into his business. It was her sweet southern accent that his friend Quip had clearly become enamored with, though they had not yet met face to face.

The operations center Andrew had created was used to model various customer scenarios for troubleshooting or migrations types of efforts. Carlos had initially been responsible to add in the magic he had with satellite access and cloaking capability he had refined. He chuckled as he recalled that first day when Andrew had explained his local network and server component infrastructure. It all started with their conversation on what Carlos required to establish his main infrastructure with the satellites.

“So, young feller, what is it you need to do your sky access magic? I cain’t wait to learn some of your techniques, though I suspect you will keep some of your secrets close to the vest.”

“Andrew, I typically can do it with three servers which can be dedicated or virtual, depending on what you prefer. I have a couple of programs that I use to interact with them that I will load and modify as needed based on the use case we are presented. It would also be helpful if we want to do some continuing education to establish a smaller environment with two servers, again dedicated or virtual. I want to be mindful of your costs, Andrew.”

“Alright, young’un, we need to start this off again, I see. My name is Andy, my Mama called me Andrew when I was in trouble. You can call me hey you, as well, as long as you don’t call me late for supper,” he laughed.

“This here private network is called the rocknroll domain. My registered IP addresses are listed in the book and updated in an electronic version as well. I like to keep the server names and admin passwords to each of them recorded digitally and manually. The only rule I have seemed to follow over the years is that server names are consistent with some of my favorite music that will simply live on forever. You can take a look at what names are currently used, like Joplin, Mercury, Bonham, Hendrix, and then create the ones you need. Just kinda follow that same idea if you don’t mind. I have a few servers and software licenses for operating systems, but if we need to buy something to meet your requirements we can do that as well. I sorta have given Eilla-Zan that responsibility so ya might run it by her.”

“Interesting server names you have Andy, and I think that I can continue that theme. I would guess that it also works with all the music that I have heard in the background when I have been in this room. I would guess it is like the music you offered me in your restored blue Chevy low rider truck.”

“Exactly, son. I knew you were smart. Welcome aboard and let me or Eilla-Zan know if you need anything. The room you stayed in before will be kept for you when you are in town. I suspect though you will be back in Mexico and remotely access what you need.”