What we were thinking: The Enigma Ignite #3 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

New Definition on Teamwork

In this story and in particular this chapter, new players are working together to optimize their solution.

Often complex problems need to have a lighter side so Quip’s humor, and now also Eilla-Zan’s, seems to help relieve the tension and offer new options for finding the right solution. Quip does like to aggravate Jacob whenever possible.

Using satellite technology with drones and nano technology is providing a new frontier to delve into and learn from the ground up.

The Enigma Ignite is available in paperback, ebook, and also audible in case you are a listener.

Excerpt-The Enigma Ignite

Quip mused, “The age-old problem of how to pack ten kilos of laundry into a five kilo bag now arrives in programming. It sounds like we might need to model some alternative symbiotic relationships between groups of the nano-chips or pods. Let’s think about that.

“Carlos, again I want to thank you from all of us for the instruction and clarification you provided on your clever access and hiding sequences using the satellite signaling. We won’t be as good as you for a while, but you definitely helped fill the gaps.

“Oh yes, Eilla-Zan or Carlos, how are your testing results coming along for boosting signals from the aero-drones to satellite? Are you making progress with these efforts, or are the results limited as well?”

Eilla-Zan became animated as she affirmed, “Once we upgraded the aero-drones with the latest wireless access point software and doubled the number of aero-drones flying overhead, we were able to provide collaborative coverage for all the simulated battlefield communications sources that were stationary or mobile. We leveraged the Multiple-In-Multiple-Out or MIMO capabilities of the new wireless code, which gave us the extra coverage we needed. Then we ran into a new problem. Carlos, would you please speak to that?”

“Certainly, EZ,” began Carlos. “The directional movement of the aero-drones was a problem for us at first because of the mobile tower thinking built into the radios of the aero-drones. Rather than keep the aero-drones on a two-dimensional plane, we added the logical third dimension, which has the aero-drones burst upwards and aim their communications at our target satellite. This was completely tested with excellent results.

“It was a good call on Eilla-Zan’s part to use the beam-forming capability of the aero-drones to collect signals and boost them to the target satellites. She has coined this expanded wireless code Finding MIMO.”

Quip chuckled and looked at Eilla-Zan with some admiration, then refocused and asked, “Jacob, did you and Petra see the Professor’s communication program actually at work during your meeting, or just the verbal tour you captured in your notes?”

Jacob and Petra both pondered this for a few minutes. It was like watching them review in totally synchronization. They shared a look that confirmed their alignment on the memories from that meeting.

“We did not actually see it work,” confirmed Jacob. “But in all fairness, I am not using the same programming logic she indicated she had developed. What she described as self-promoting nano-chip programming would take months to develop with a team of programmers. I admit that I cannot do it the way I’ve approached it, which was to pack in everything and discard that which is unnecessary. There simply isn’t enough real estate on the nano-chips to do it that way. Based on your last recommendation, Quip, I fed the problem into ICABOD to see what it would suggest.”

“What did ICABOD come up with?”

Jacob frowned as he answered succinctly, “That I should go fall on my sword. You know, Quip, there is some of your programming logic in that machine that we can do without.”