What we were thinking: The Enigma Gamers-A CATS Tale #7 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Fun and games, why always later?

Juan and Julie are a really fun couple that enjoy life, love, and one another (not always in that order). In this story they have launched into a new business and getting it organized is Julie’s focus. Juan is a very hard worker always willing to improve their married life with children. It is hard to tell who is more smitten Juan or Julie.

We wanted to explore the new couple relationships, with the added mix of a new business and twins to see what would happen.

Do you balance work and family in the same way as one of our favorite couples?

What sidetracks your thoughts and what makes you focus?  The rest of the chapter and story tells so much more. …by the way, the hot smooch does work…

Excerpt-The Enigma Gamers

Juan smiled wistfully as he studied Julie while she was focused on work. He sometimes got lost in thought as he lovingly memorized her facial features and her physical outline. Now he was again studying her while she poured over the reports from their field agents. His mind often drifted between the memory of their chance meeting, which led to their ongoing romance, and the reality of the moment. For Juan, the womanizer, it was like someone had thrown an emotional switch inside him, such that no one held any interest for him except her.

Julie’s sense of humor was every bit as good as his was, which meant that verbal sparring had them on equal footing. He chuckled to himself about how superior he’d felt he was in their karate practice until she had flattened him that first time. She was good in an aircraft at piloting and engineering, the mother of their twins, and the creative architect for their blossoming security business. This was one of those times where he had to remind himself that he wasn’t dreaming. She was the best partner anyone could have.

Julie gave an exaggerated sigh, then turned to face him, as she asked, “Juan, can you pop back to reality and help me with the schedule and these tedious reports? We have so much going on that we are falling behind in directions to our field agents. Please help.”

Juan chuckled slightly and reached over to caress her face and was about to kiss her, but she intercepted. “No way, mister! You are not going to pull that oh yes honey let me help you with your bra and a hot smooch, because we are behind in our work!

“Right now, we need to focus here and now, then go work on supper with the kids. After that, we have one conference call with the whole team. After that, I want a good hot bath and a rub down from you. Then you and I can do the adult play time. But until then, let’s get our chores done. Got it?”