What we were thinking: The Enigma Factor #1 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Interviews can be confusing, can’t they?

When Jacob crosses paths with Otto, he has no idea how this meeting could change his life. But trying new things and going down unfamiliar paths can sometimes be rewarding.

In many ways Jacob is brilliant especially in technology traces and details focused on security. However, his sheltered upbringing didn’t prepare him for how his world is about to change. He has no idea if Otto is friend or foe, but the “Song of the Sirens” is impossible to ignore and he is intrigued.

Their meeting is the start of something that probably should have been avoided but Jacob feels destiny calling. The question is what is that something. Sometimes the strangest interviews result in the unexpected. Enjoy the story.

Excerpt-The Enigma Factor

Watching Jacob for a reaction and finding none, he continued. “Your abilities could fill a gap that I have noticed exists in our organization. Technology seems to be the way of the future. Though I have personally had experience in information gathering and security layers, it is not at the level of someone younger, like you. Others in the organization have reviewed your profile and believe you may fit. We are a cautious, tight knit group though, and require some levels of commitment before extending offers or fully opening the drapes.”

As Otto provided that background, Jacob’s mind was trying to categorize the organization. The broad brush 30 thousand foot level overview was interesting but very vague. Certainly not the details he needed for clear understanding such as origin, charter, and competitors. He couldn’t decide if this was a firm that would be valuable to his career, but the global reach and areas mapped to his long range goals. Without a doubt, this man would give nothing away unintended, but two could play at that game.

“So are you saying, essentially, that you are an investment firm for global customers?  Or are you more nefarious in your objectives?” Jacob asked.

“Nefarious, as a whole, would not be our prime objective, but rather the other end of the spectrum. Our clients are sometimes part of the rich and spoiled ranks that need to be reminded of humanity in order to retain their wealth. Greed, we believe, is singularly undesirable. We offer a full range of investment management services. Does that help to clarify?”

Otto chuckled with a sudden twinkle in his intense blue eyes. “Well, our meeting regrettably is drawing to an end. I am glad we have now met and are measuring ourselves against each other. I would like to meet next week at the same time. I will have some more things to show you, answer more questions which you will of course have lined up, and perhaps if you have interest, a bit of a testing exercise. How does that sound? Say, starting at noon for the entire afternoon if your schedule will permit.”  Otto rose and clapped Jacob on the back. He escorted him down the hallway.

“I will try to arrange my schedule for the entire afternoon next week. I’m sure I’ll have questions after I think about our discussion. It was nice to meet you and thank you again for the tickets to DEFCON and the t-shirt. Sometime I will relate the odd experience during that trip. Perhaps you will have an opinion to share,” Jacob stated, while clearly focusing on Otto’s face for any hint of his knowledge of what had occurred.

“Sounds interesting. I look forward to it.” Otto’s comment revealed nothing.

As they approached Haddy’s desk, he said, “Haddy, please block my calendar next Wednesday afternoon for another meeting with Jacob.”

“Yes sir. Nice meeting you, Jacob. Lunch will be similar unless you have other preferences?”  she graciously asked.

“It was delicious and included all my favorites. You must know me fairly well,” he said, trying to see if she revealed anything.

“I find that people enjoy good food that is not too filling during the workweek. I am glad I chose well,” Haddy said, without missing a beat. “Enjoy your week, sir.”

After Otto saw Jacob disappear behind the elevator doors, he smiled at Haddy and placed a call on his cell phone while returning to his office.

Standing in front of the window overlooking New York, he said, “The meeting is over. He is an impressive young man, much better than his photographs. Continue your reconnaissance efforts.