What we were thinking: The Enigma Factor #1 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Opportunity, but who’s is it?

Ah the confidence of young! Once you have earned your “stripes” in the world no one can deceive you, right? Jacob, a brilliant programmer and code tester has lived a relatively sheltered life. He’s in the middle of NYC, yet his social skills have not had the same attention as his programming skills. Respect and kindness to others is different from trust.

Having a curious and open mind while making certain you do not let people too far in, is one of the main attributes of Jacob. We try to explore his growth as we develop him as a lead character. In some ways he seems too good to be true, but he has a specific frame of references for his interactions, like most humans do. Jacob suspects a dual purpose from the mysterious Otto but he naively accepts things at face value.

We want to grow and evolve him from his starting point, which is quite different from other characters. The Enigma Factor allows a look at his growth. Available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats. Enjoy the story and learning about Jacob during his right of passage

.Excerpt-The Enigma Factor

My suggestion is that you demonstrate your patience, which I know you have. I can tell you though; you have a bright future, my boy, whatever your choices. I am hoping that over time I can convince you to join our firm. I think you would be a good fit.”

            “You’re right, sir. I have lots of questions,” Jacob continued, conveying no panic in his voice.

            He also filed away for now the hotel and airline ticket issue. He would think about that later.

            “I would like to know who you are and what is this company? Why me? How you got my identity information?”

            “Those, of course, are the obvious questions. Let me provide some background that may help, though likely not enough for your bright mind.” Otto chuckled some then continued.

            “Ronnie, Ltd., is a part of a much larger organization that the original partners established near the close of World War II. This particular entity deals with our wealthier customers in the States for investments and financial endeavors. The Headquarters of our larger organization is in Switzerland. With that country’s financial discretion and neutrality, I suspect this doesn’t surprise you. Different branches we have established in key markets include finance, investments trading, information and technology, and real estate practices. Our clients cover the whole realm of the higher, powerful echelon, as it were.

            “We are, as I think you say here in the states, a family-controlled business. Our interests in you are primarily your abilities in technology, programming and security. Our business focuses on keeping our clients in balance.”

            Watching Jacob for a reaction and finding none, he continued. “Your abilities could fill a gap that I have noticed exists in our organization. Technology seems to be the way of the future. Though I have personally had experience in information gathering and security layers, it is not at the level of someone younger, like you. Others in the organization have reviewed your profile and believe you may fit. We are a cautious, tight knit group though, and require some levels of commitment before extending offers or fully opening the drapes.”

            As Otto provided that background, Jacob’s mind was trying to categorize the organization. The broad brush 30 thousand foot level overview was interesting but very vague. Certainly not the details he needed for clear understanding such as origin, charter, and competitors. He couldn’t decide if this was a firm that would be valuable to his career, but the global reach and areas mapped to his long range goals. Without a doubt, this man would give nothing away unintended, but two could play at that game.