What we were thinking: The Enigma Factor #1 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Security breaches: the humor is gone when it happens to you

One of the prime aspects of The Enigma Factor is the element of identity theft. It is an aspect of living today with technology which is more prevalent each and every day.

Our white hat, Jacob, takes all the precautions, has a job in technology safeguarding security breaches, and seems to do all the right things. If it could happen to him it could happen to any of us.

Most of us do not adhere to the security precautions we all receive. I still go into customer locations and find passwords on post-it notes under the keyboard or blatantly attached to the monitor.  Security and social engineering aspects are no laughing matter. We should all be more diligent. By the way, when was the last time you changed your banking password?

Excerpt-The Enigma Factor

Jacob reflected on everything that had occurred with this trip to Vegas. The events were at the very least odd, i.e., the blocking out of DEFCON, issues with his room, and the overall unsettled rest the night before. He was trying to tie all the issues together, but it seemed to circle back to his discussion with Petra and her abrupt dismissal of him the day before.

He kept examining the different aspects and felt that there was some unaccounted detail. Jacob was frustrated over cooling his heels in the security office and now simply wanted to get back to New York City. He called the airlines and was able to reschedule his flight for late that afternoon into LaGuardia. At least changing the flight hadn’t been a problem. He’d just gotten up to start pacing, sick of sitting in the totally uncomfortable chairs, when the door opened and Mr. Moore re-entered.

“So Jacob, I did a little background check on you. Your story is checking out even to the point of our being able to confirm your arrival at the hotel. It is odd though there seems to be a virus of some sort on the hotel registration system that removed your information, along with a couple of other guests. We still have not been able to do anything about your DEFCON registration, but that is really not connected to the hotel systems. I’ve reactivated your room key card, but I could not change your check out date from today. It seems your room has already been allocated to another incoming guest, but not yet cleaned. You have about thirty minutes to retrieve your belongings and check out. I’m sorry, but at this point we have no vacancies, even if we wanted to move you to another room.  To be honest I wasn’t sure that would even interest you. I also spoke to the hotel manager, explaining your situation and he has provided this voucher for your next stay which includes two nights free with two nights booked here at the hotel and two meals at any of the hotel restaurants.”

Jacob almost smiled, knowing he could at least leave this nightmare.

“Thanks for your efforts.” Jacob stated sincerely, “I guess I will be going back to my room then and retrieving my stuff. It is good to know that I checked out for you guys. I will certainly try to return soon, and overall, the accommodations are really nice here. I hope you get the virus under control so that not too many other guests are bothered.”

“Yeah, well I think we have it in hand. It is very tough to get into our systems as you can imagine. Quite honestly, with DEFCON hosted here we took some special precautions. In my ten years here, I cannot recall any similar incident. On behalf of the Las Vegas Hilton, we appreciate your understanding.” Mr. Moore smiled as he shook hands with Jacob.

Jacob moved toward the door and turning just before walking away said, “Hey thanks again.”