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What we were thinking: The Enigma Factor #1 of the Enigma Book Series-

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Author Insight –

Geeks have their own style for mating rituals

Jacob, the ever focused geek, has demonstrated so far his limited skills in dealing with the fairer sex.

When presented with a technical dilemma, he is suddenly focused on a highly intelligent lady he met and argued with at DEFCON. He had found her attractive, yet never considered asking for her number or even using the traditionally exploited pickup lines.

How a geek hunts for another geek was the problem we tried to solve with this exchange.  Clumsy yes, but sometimes it is the naive, little boy routine that can be compelling.  Of course there is far more to how this unfolds but this provides you the intro to how he thinks.  By the way, what pick up line works for you?  No, we’re talking to the ladies this time.

Excerpt-The Enigma Factor

As he reviewed the rest of the code he was trying to remove, he realized it was part of an algorithm that was too sophisticated for Buzz to do on his own. Though he racked his brain, Jacob knew there was nothing else that he had provided to Buzz that could enable the characteristic behavior that he saw. He started to test his tracking fixes on the safe system and by all appearances it seemed to be working. After he finished his notes, he closed down the safe system, loaded up his PC, thanked the tech that had shadowed him and headed home.

JAM: Hey man are you there? Need some help?

Quip: Hey JAM sure missed seeing you at DEFCON after day 1. Work called

you back huh?

JAM: That is a story requiring beer and time man. Have another issue though that

I could use some advice. Got time?

Quip: Sure, what’s up?

JAM: Working for a customer and think I have rootkit at work. Some of the code

I follow, but it vanishes.

Quip: Yeah, those things can be a bear. But that is not me man, Petra maybe.

Reach out to her.

JAM: Yeah well, don’t know how and she left me fairly peeved in Las Vegas.

Quip: Really, last I saw you were in a cozy discussion by yourselves. I figured you

had hooked up.

JAM: Nope, not so much. How can I find her?

Quip: Don’t have a number, but you might reach her at this chat room with a different

persona securecyrptographerroom.net Just supply some fresh blood problem and

the sharks will whirl into a frenzy, then she’ll show. Use my alter ego, Brutus if you

want. She has responded to me sometimes.

Once home he quickly connected one of his machines to the Internet. He recognized that this was really not the type of program within his sphere of expertise. Perhaps Quip could assist at least with a good approach to take. Checking, he located Quip online.

Jacob went to the chat room. He used the non-standard persona, Brutus. He began to supply a crazy problem that was not related to his issue. A few of the visitors exchanged with him and he kept growing the fictional problem. Quip was on target with the frenzied sharks. After an hour plus of rapid fire comments exchanged, and about when he thought Petra must be sleeping, his cell phone rang. As he connected the call, he heard clicking which he recognized as a layer of encryption on the call.

“Hello?” he questioned, with all senses on alert.

“Hello, Jacob,” she quietly said. “You seem to have one very wild problem that everyone is now focused on. Would you prefer to speak about it live or do it in the chat room?”

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