What we were thinking: The Enigma Dragon-A CATS Tale #9 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Things hidden are for a reason…

Julie and Juan have just returned with EZ and Quip from their vacation. Julie is not only like a sister to Quip, but her background in protection, from all comers, allowed EZ and Quip to enjoy a honeymoon in paradise, with family as bodyguards. Arriving at the flat in Zurich, the reconnaissance was job one.

Juan is a bit too invasive, in the eyes of Quip, as he scours the flat for electronic or lethal devices, unaware that Quip has technology oversight for just that purpose. Plus, as much as the two couples like each other as family, Quip is more than ready to have some private time with his wife.

EZ has a bit more finesse as she coyly takes what could be a very awkward situation to a whole new level.

You’ll need to read the rest to find all the nuances. And yes it will appeal to your prurient interests. Enjoy the fun.

Excerpt-The Enigma Dragon – A CATS Tale

Juan strolled absentmindedly into the living room, turning a piece of leather gear over and over in his hands, and asked, “Quip, I’m not sure what this device or garment does, or for that matter, who it’s for. I mean, it’s nicely adorned with metal studs and short chains, but can you give me some contextual clues about how….”

Quip snatched it from his hands and quite crossly demanded, “Gimme that! See, this is what I mean.”

Juan then gave some exaggerated winks and nods to Quip to assure him that he was actually in the know about what said item was used for, but could now rely on Juan’s discretion. This only served to further inflame Quip.

EZ sensed that Juan and Quip were on a collision course and promptly interjected, “Hey, guys, let’s take this unwanted protection issue up again in the morning, hmmm? We’re kind of tired after the trip, and I don’t want us to come off sounding negative to your generous support. That will give you time to check in at home and time for us to digest what is needed and, of course, what is practical. Would that be alright?”

Julie smiled a knowing smile, nodded her head, and offered, “Yes, of course, darlings. Your point is well taken. Perhaps we have been a little too overprotective, and frankly, I would like to do our family thing too. Let’s take off for the night. I don’t want any risk of friction in our relationship.”

Juan added, “Hey, it’s just that we care about you. Plus, it has been our experience that just about the time you let your guard down, thinking everything is okay, that’s when a secondary strike occurs.  I’d like to propose that I stay engaged here for a while longer, just to be safe. Julie can head home and begin putting the pieces of our family back together. We all need to feel safe, and we are family.”

Quip, a little chastened, nodded and said, “Alright, point taken. There is some logic in scouring for any missed clues before we stick a fork in this episode and call it done.”

Julie queried, “EZ, are you alright with this approach?”

With a tired smile EZ nodded and added, “I’m sure this will all sound better in the morning. Now you two scoot, and we promise to keep a watchful eye open at all times.”

Quip was now trying to hurry Juan and Julie out the door, but EZ put her arm into the crook of Juan’s and slightly held him back while Julie and Quip moved ahead of them to the door.  In a low, mischievous and sultry voice, EZ asked, “Juan, do you really not know how the leather garment is used, hmmm?”

Usually Juan was the teaser in these situations, but the sensual undertones of EZ’s question caught him off guard. With something of a stammer he offered, “Uh, well ah, you see…that is to say…it is an unusual…article…that could be multi-purpose…well, I didn’t want to seem like a novice in the uh…you see.”

Suppressing her grin at catching Juan flat footed, she politely offered, “Juan, it’s used for a comprehensive workout.”

Juan swallowed hard and, trying to maintain some dignity as the conversation seemed to be sliding into an awkward area of discussion, lamely asked, “Who works out the most then, you or Quip? Oh …uh, don’t answer that.”