What we were thinking: The Enigma Broker #8 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Do older folks just trust more?

These days it seems the swindles come out of the woodwork for the older generation. The days of happy retirement and relaxing may in reality not be enough to fill in boredom, regardless of the original profession.

Older folks are wise, experienced, and sometimes a little too trusting. We wanted to add a bit of that flavor as Carlos and Juan worry about their only living blood relative. Jesus is as sharp as ever or sharp as a tack, depending upon one’s viewpoint.

Do any of you have family members who seems to invest oddly as they get older, or simply look at more of those catalogs in the mail. Is marketing a weapon aided by technology for distribution? Enjoy!

Excerpt-The Enigma Broker

Guanajuato is one of the leading centers of silver mining in the world, and it’s not far from the village of La Valenciana, which is a little north of Guanajuato. I decided to take a look. As I was touring there, I found an advertisement for the El Tigre Company that boasted of being able to place investors into their mining operations.

“You and I both know mining is a rigged game in Mexico, a lot like the drug trafficking business that I was in. To succeed, one needs a legitimate company that is on the take with the local government to be able to buy-in.”

Jesus looked at his nephew and could not see any hint of how this was being received. Juan had a talent, as did Carlos, of not showing his emotions, but the wheels were turning, regardless.

“It seemed my luck had changed for the better when I met this Paulo character. He purported to be with the Collective Holdings of Assets Reserved for Denomination, I think, CHARD anyhow. He said he could get me a seat at the table with the folks mining these precious metals. Turns out that when you find silver you usually find gold and copper. I was only really interested in the silver commodity, but old Paulo claimed that I had to do some copper in the commodities market, before he could get me into the precious metals. Thinking back on it, I should have been a little dogged on my silver exposure and walked, when all they would let me play in was copper.

“Anyway, I put down my earnest money to do a trial to see if it was for me. I made up my mind a few days later and went to get back my earnest money and go hunt for something else. Upon reflection, sure wished I hadn’t done that. At first I couldn’t find him. Then when I start making inquiries, I got a whole lot more attention than I was looking for.

“Anyhow, I am right glad you came looking for me, nephew. You and Carlos have always been the best of family for me.”

Juan clucked his tongue and offered, “Jesus, you say that because we are the only family you have. You mean to tell me you strolled back into Mexico, after we hauled you and your loot out, looking for high profile silver mining investments? Did it occur to you that they might still be looking for you?”

Jesus made a sour face and stated, “Who’d of thought that the infamous Mexican government would clean up their act and actually abide by the law? I mean, after decades of corrupt practices and then they have to up and grow a conscience. You just can’t trust anybody these days!”

Juan closed his eyes and shook his head back and forth in disbelief.