What we were thinking: The Enigma Always #6 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Wicked Webs Woven from Desperation

Some characters in our stories are good from the start and some are not. Each of them have distinctive personalities and, like most of us, these are formed over time. Our beginnings and life make up how we are and how we behave.

Zara is a special character for us in that she started out in a tough place and did that pull up by the bootstrap thing. She is hardly perfect, but her rough life has helped her determine what she doesn’t want, but not necessarily the way to move to reach that goal.

Buzz is another returning character with a story of choices gone wrong and relationship heartbreak. This could be a fresh start or a whole new abyss for them both. Let us know your thoughts after you read this snippet and the book.

Excerpt-The Enigma Always

Zara didn’t get a chance to finish her thought as she collided with what might be her best option. As she watched, this attractive male admired her lines and eyed her from head to toe from his juxtaposition on the ground.

Feinting a little disorientation from the human collision, Zara groused, “My, people come and go so quickly here! If you’re hurt, let me help you up, sir. Of course, I will do that as soon as I see where I have landed. I didn’t think I would run, quite literally, into such a powerful male in my travels. Are you what they call, in professional football, a linebacker?”

The flattery worked its charm, and the dashing male paused to offer all means of assistance to the fallen lady. She smiled at him and straightened her garments in a very provocative manner that he couldn’t help but appreciate.

Once she was back on steady legs, he offered, “Madam, a thousand pardons and endless apologies for my coarse actions. May a gentleman offer a lady such as yourself some refreshment to help ease your fallen condition? I have been accused of being ill-mannered but not without compassion for someone suffering from my poor conduct. May I know your name so that I may properly apologize?”

Zara smiled at her potential new mark with his polished manners and very expensive clothing. Perhaps he had some useful connections that would be worth cultivating. She wanted to cloak her name under one of her many aliases for the time being. As the head of the United States branch of the Dteam, she had ten aliases that she could switch among. For the time being she was trying to stay under the radar of her Russian boss, so she decided on the newest one as she accepted, “Oh, kind sir, I am grateful to meet one so generous in manner, strength, and looks! I was warned that New Yorkers had no compassion for other travelers, so I am pleased to see there are exceptions! My name is Daria Plovia, kind sir. And you are?”

The male inclined his head slightly and offered, “My name is Arthur Buswald. All my friends call me Buzz.”

Zara knew she captured the male’s imagination with her long legs, striking facial structure, dark eyes, and full lips. She wrapped herself into the new characterization of Daria that she had just created and smiled her well-practiced seduction smile. “I am very pleased to meet you, Buzz. Now, I think you made some reference to refreshment? I have a thirst that may not be quenched with just a single simple libation.”

Buzz, now thoroughly smitten, suggested, “Then of course, let’s just see how thirsty you are, madam!”

Zara grabbed up her bag and hastily searched for the diamond necklace to reassure herself that it was still there.

Buzz couldn’t help but notice the refracted bling and commented, “My goodness, so many diamonds, but none gracing your creamy neckline!”

Zara smirked as they walked on and replied, “Bubi, goodness had nothing to do with them being in my possession!” She chuckled and added, “Sadly, just an old family heirloom of valueless crystals. All I have, really.”