What we were thinking: The Enigma Always #6 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

The Human Psyche Can React to Something Unrelated

One of our characters Su Lin had an event that damaged her mind in a way that blocked the adult portions of her life. She’d been living for months as young person willing and eager to please the adult authorities who surrounded her. Andy, her appointed caretaker had created structured learning modules for her to try to tap into her once genius mind.

The human psyche is such that an event of great magnitude can change it forever. Doctors and evaluations can take it only so far before it is classified as a time dependent issue.

Luckily trapped in the mindset of a teenager, Su Lin has been willing to do studies and chores with a positive attitude. We wanted to explore her blocked mind to see if some action could undo prior events. In our research professional help or not, the element of love and support of family can make the difference.

The Enigma Always is being created as an audio book with availability scheduled for Fall 2018. Another way you can find out what happens to Su Lin and how.

Excerpt-The Enigma Always

 “Go ahead now. I’ll be here when you return. You also have the cell phone I gave you last night, right?”

Su Lin grinned and replied, “I do. Thanks, Carlos.”

Carlos remained where he could watch, as Su Lin rushed out the door, closed it firmly behind her, and then proceeded down the long walkway toward the car. Su Lin stopped a bit short of the car door. Carlos smiled, knowing she was doing as instructed before she got into the car. The driver gave a slight bow and replied to her questions. Something in the driver’s mannerisms looked familiar to Carlos, so he moved a bit closer to the window to see if he could reconcile his growing concern.

The driver opened the door and indicated that Su Lin should take her place. Su Lin seemed rooted to the ground as she made a comment back to the driver. He replied and then reached for Su Lin’s arm, almost like an escort move. Su Lin pulled back, and Carlos headed for the door. Just as Carlos threw open the door, the driver was forcibly moving Su Lin toward the rear seat. The door had no inside handle that Carlos could see, and dread welled up inside him as he sprinted toward her almost in slow motion.

Su Lin yanked herself free and started screaming at the top of her lungs and flinging her hands and feet in random directions, as the driver tried to gather her up. The driver spotted Carlos and gave up his efforts. Su Lin melted into a puddle on the ground and kept screaming over and over. The driver jumped into the car, and Carlos made a note of the license plate even as he bent to encircle Su Lin in his arms.

As he patted her and held her, almost rocking her on the ground, she cried and kept muttering, “Bacon, no bacon, no, no, no bacon.” She sobbed.

Carlos picked her up and carried her back into the house. He held her for a long time until she settled down. Once she quieted, she refused to utter even a single word while torrents of tears continued to streak down her face. Su Lin finally stopped crying and fell asleep. Carlos disengaged her from him and laid her on the couch, covering her with a lightweight blanket. He knew something was very wrong, really didn’t want to worry Andy, but he needed help. He placed a call to Jacob, but it immediately went to voice mail, so he did the next best thing and placed a call to Quip.

Quip picked up the call on the second ring and said, “Carlos, long time no ring. What’s up?”

Carlos seriously replied, “Quip, I tried to reach Jacob, but he’s not answering. Someone just tried to take Su Lin for some additional tests to a visiting doctor at the center in Atlanta. She wanted to show she was responsible, so she walked to the car herself.” Carlos looked to make certain Su Lin was still asleep. He ran his fingers through his hair then paced back and forth as he continued, “She was to ask the name of the center, the doctor she was to see, the driver’s name, and how long the drive would take, before getting into the car.”

Quip commented, “Okay, so Su Lin is making progress which we are all fairly aware of. Andy has been doing a great job in setting up her teaching, and EZ has been keeping me informed as to her progress. Didn’t Andy go to some customer site for a meeting or something?”

Carlos responded, “Yes, Andy is in California. I was to watch Su Lin. He told me to take care of her and to make certain she was okay. He told me like ten times that he trusted me.”

Quip was now on full alert as he asked, “Carlos, I heard you say someone tried to take her. Did they take her, because we need to take action now and not debate?”

Carlos regained some of his composure and answered, “Quip, she is here, but she totally broke down.