What we were thinking: The Enigma Always #6 of the Enigma Book Series-

Author Insight –

Who has the best deal?

These are powerful men that at times are adversaries or at the very least comfortable using one another. They are both particularly good at bending those in lessor positions in their respective spheres of influence to their wills.

They bicker like children fighting over a toy. While their insults are like salve over their ever fragile egos.

In this portion of the story they are seriously trying to one-up each other. It might make you wonder who will win this contest of which door holds the real diamonds and which one will lead to total failure.

Excerpt-The Enigma Always

Dmitry reached for his cell phone and answered, “Chairman, nice to hear from you again. Were you able to shakedown some of your constituents so you can make a credible offer for the diamonds yet? I know that your parents won’t increase your allowance since you had them interned, so that’s not an option. And don’t bother offering me stock in those bogus internet companies that the Western financial companies keep fawning over.”

Chairman had a sour look on his face as he responded, “Have you always been jealous of those with talent far greater than yours? You are so like one of the Grimm’s Fairytale Trolls, looking for his few shekels as someone passes over his bridge.

“I guess I had better get to the point, since you sound like you are late for yet another execution there in the Kremlin. What I have in mind is offering three million Euros for the diamond necklace that you showed, via the multimedia graphic, if my designate can physically see them and verify their authenticity. Once he is satisfied, he will notify me and then we can arrange to make transfers to all interested parties.

“Can you contact your seller with our terms to see if they are agreeable?”

Dmitry, somewhat taken aback, responded, “This is certainly a different tone from our last conversation! Yes, of course I can, but what has changed, Chairman? You even shrugged off my good natured insults like there is another agenda afoot. Yes?”

Chairman realized too late he had been too agreeable and countered, “You are always so suspicious, Dmitry. If you must know, I too have a buyer so I am now more agreeable to a transaction than I was before. Are the diamonds still for sale?”

Somewhat placated Dmitry answered, “Chairman, we Russians are always suspicious! Yes the diamonds are still for sale. I will contact the selling party and see if they are agreeable to your request.”

Chairman smiled and asked, “By the way, where will the viewing be offered? The cost of travel and time will need to figure into either your commission or the sellers’ price. After all, they are the ones making the transaction so difficult.”

Dmitry smirked and said, “I will point that out to the seller when I speak with them, Chairman. Goodbye for now.”