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What we were thinking: The Enigma Always #6 of the Enigma Book Series-

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Author Insight –

A New Fountain of Youth

In this story we wanted to consider how the completion of the mapping of human genome, all of a human’s genetic material combined with the use of nanotechnology to build, run or modify an organism.  Several studies we reviewed indicated many studies and tests have been undertaken in recent years.

Our introduction of Dr. Pekoni was to have a new view on applying this technology in live subjects outside of the typical approach society expects. The success of this project is a perfect alignment of several pieces to the Fountain of Youth puzzle using a supercomputer to map the enormous amount of data.

Excerpt-The Enigma Always

So long as the temperatures were low and snow fell, the data center would run the heat exchangers far more cheaply than alternative electricity. He smiled at the cynical thought of bragging on the greenness of their project, located in a climate that leveraged more natural cooling than most other supercomputer sites.

His musings were interrupted by his faithful assistant who entered and stated, “Xavier, I think I may have found the candidate for our next round of testing. You had asked me to continue correspondence with our volunteer until we were ready, but she quietly fell off the grid. After digging and searching, she came back on the grid only to flat disappear until this week. As it turns out, her assistant gave me some clues to her disappearance, and now we can piece together what may have happened.”

Dr. Xavier Pekoni slowly turned his gaze and stared dispassionately at his assistant. He adjusted his spectacles and tossed his shoulder length silver pony tail back over his collar before he reprimanded, “Leroy, our forever code project is designed to intercept the degenerative tissue problems in human beings, as well as refresh the body’s DNA encoding, so the life force of the individual can allow living for a thousand years. Since we are still unable to make it work to my satisfaction yet, and time on this planet is still so precious, I don’t want to waste any of it listening to how your day went. Can you simply get to the point and outline our next steps? I’m in a hurry and expect you to be on the same schedule with me! Our all-important time continuum is collapsing to a finite point, so don’t waste any of it!”

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