Enigma Series

Book Seven: The Enigma Gamers – A CATS Tale

….Readers returning to the series will appreciate recognizable faces, while the authors’ comprehensive back story gives newbies a warm welcome.

A cyberattack tale that’s superb as both a continuation of a series and a promising start in an entirely new direction.

– Kirkus Review

…Breakfield and Burkey have written a thriller that should catch the attention of cyber-lovers and online gamers, …. The topic is crucial and very relevant, … I loved the writing style and it’s necessary to comment on the fact that the authors write with confidence in the power of their prose. The dialogues are used wisely and they are very relevant, but the descriptions are stunning….

Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite


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Gone are the days of pixelated sprites and simple wired controllers. It’s the twenty-first century, and video game playing has undergone a complete evolution. With high-def graphics and intuitive sensory controls, gamers are enjoying a level of realism and immersion never before experienced.

However, when the line between the real and cyber worlds becomes blurred, this digital landscape provides new social predators with opportunities to unleash terror and pain on unsuspecting victims.

Businesses, cities, and commonly used services might believe they are immune, but then their world goes sideways as a grotesque ransom demand is spilled across their data screen. The fledgling CATS—Cyber Assassins Technology Services—team is mobilized to find the root causes.

Led by Julie and Juan, the CATS team is committed to avenging and administering justice to evil doers in every corner of the real and virtual worlds. The CATS team is the next generation of hunters in the cat and mouse game of cyber warfare.

Within the Enigma series, the CATS team continues to evolve and uses front-line techniques, which stretches every resource at their disposal to face off against a sinister new world of high-tech crimes.


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