About the Authors


Charles Breakfield

Charles holds a master’s degree and works for a high-tech manufacturer as a solution architect, functioning in hybrid data/telecom environments. A long-time technology geek, Charles enjoys writing, studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges. He’s also a fan of wine-tastings, riding his Harley, and continues developing his woodworking skills. Now included in people on the move in Dallas Business Journal.




Roxanne Burkey

Roxanne has two passions – working with technology and writing. She enjoys working to drive optimized customer experiences with technology in her role with a high-tech manufacturer. Texas is home for her and her family. When time permits Rox likes gardening, hiking, sewing, refinishing antiques, exploring, wine-tasting, and traveling. She loves to listen to people which often results in odd treasures that come to life in her stories.  Now included in people on the move in Dallas Business Journal.



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With the 2017 author’s roadshow in full swing, we asked
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Breakfield & Burkey 2017 Road Show Commercial


Lone Star Book Festival
Rox prologue reading of the Enigma Dragon – A CATS Tale: