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Welcome to the home of the award winning Techno Thriller series, The Enigma Series. Storytellers Breakfield and Burkey select a relevant technology target in each story and pit good cyber guys against bad cyber guys. These stories are for the 21st century and combine history, technology, romance, intrigue, and humor set in today’s contemporary time frame.


This Volume 3 collection with 20 plus award winning short stories written by Texas Authors. These short stories will take you back in history, through life as we know it and on to the future. Each giving you a glimpse into American life and thought, while entertaining you.  At the end of each story is a simple paragraph that lets the reader get a better understanding about the story they read.

Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey won First Place in the Fiction/Techno Thriller category for their short story, The Enigma Chronicles – Remember the Future, which is the second story in the book.

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We asked two of the main characters in the series, Petra and Jacob,
to give an overview of the Enigma Book Series.

Here is how they feel about the series and the authors . . .

Storytellers have a long history to live up to that dates all the way back to the earliest oral traditions of mankind. Listeners would sit around the campfires mesmerized by the tales of the traveling minstrels. Through the ages people have been spellbound by the storyteller giants like Homer and his recounting of the story of Troy, followed by Odysseus’s wanderings, as well as Scheherazade who recounted the Tales of a Thousand and One Arabian Nights to her King Shahryar.

The series takes some of our characters and continues their life through subsequent books, yet each of the books is also constructed to be enjoyed on its own. Explore our site and the beginnings of each of the stories, we’d love your comments and feedback.

Like our series, this site is designed to evolve and provide commentary through the blogs and Sneak Peek areas. Our blog can also be found on Amazon.


Now that you’re here, let the story telling begin!

Tech·nol·o·gy (tekˈnäləjē) – Today’s weapon of choice….

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